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Was: £349 | Now: £199 | Save: £150

Last year we said we’d do everything to help in this tough time. We lived up to that promise by offering much lower prices.

You loved it.

In fact, you loved it so much we wondered what we could do next to help our customers. How about deciding to only sell directly to you, so we could pass on all the savings we make? Literally every penny of them?

By only being available online, it means we can now do precisely that.

Imagine, an ArcEquine for only £199, or a ridiculously low £14.90 a month with interest-free credit over a year?

£14.90 a month? Really? How much do you spend on coffee?

Cutting edge healthcare?

It’s absolutely current.

ArcEquine is a remarkably small device that is wearable, drug free and non-invasive. It works by automatically generating a complex series of microcurrents with a simple, one-finger operation. In fact, it delivers over 4.6 million permutations within a single programme to support the body’s own natural repair process. And just like naturally occurring microcurrents, they can’t be felt, so cause absolutely no discomfort to the horse whatsoever.

Small wonder we’re now the U.K.’s most popular wearable microcurrent device, and that over 70 Olympians worldwide now rely on ArcEquine to help with the well being of their horses. While we’d like to say our devices are the most effective in the world, in truth, the body’s own repair system is the most complex, amazing and effective microcurrent device ever created.

12 months interest-free credit available!
Deposit £20.20 + 12 payments of £14.90 = £199

ArcEquine Consumables

4.6 million reasons it’s so easy to use.

LUX Life Award
That’s how many pulses we introduce into the body in a single programme, and before you ask, not a single one can be felt. Despite the complexity of our technology, it’s just 1 finger, 2 buttons, 4 automated programmes and thousands of happy customers. ArcEquine requires no specialist training, which means you can have your finger on the pulse of cutting-edge healthcare immediately.

What is Microcurrent?

What is microcurrent?
Microcurrent introduces very low-level electrical currents into your body through 2 electrode pads applied to the skin. What is a microcurrent we hear you ask? At its simplest, a microcurrent is an electrical current measured in millionths of an amp or µA. It’s perfectly safe and can’t be felt, in the same way, you can’t feel your body’s own natural bio-currents because they are similar in strength. How is this possible? The aim of Microcurrent is to support and aid the body's own natural healing process. Microcurrents occur naturally within the body and they are vital for the production of ATP which moves essential substances in and out of the cells, while simultaneously boosting the body's absorption of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), which are an essential component of tissue repair.

What is ATP?

What is ATP?
Apart from being a killer word in Scrabble, ATP is Adenosine Triphosphate. This is the molecule used by all living cells to provide a constant supply of energy which enables them to carry out all necessary cellular functions.  ATP is formed from an Adenosine molecule with three phosphate molecules bonded to it, hence the ‘tri’ in the name. The energy stored in ATP is released when the bond holding the third phosphate molecule to the rest of the ATP molecule is broken. The product of this process is Adenosine DiPhosphate (ADP) and a separate phosphate molecule (Pi). During cellular respiration, the bond between this phosphate and the ADP is re-made, thus reforming a molecule of ATP.  In this way, ATP in our cells is constantly being broken down and re-formed in order to provide them with an unending energy source.

How it Works.

Easy to Use!
Turn it on, pick a programme, press play – done. For us, what an ArcEquine does isn’t the most impressive part. It was the years of inventive development and research, producing the 120 prototypes to test and refine it and the massive investment needed to make something so complicated so simple. ArcEquine is a wearable, non-invasive, drug free device. On one hand, it’s the same size as the smaller disposable devices, yet can be charged and is far more sophisticated. It’s the very best of both worlds, without compromise. Packing all of that into something barely larger than a credit card was quite a task. Not that you’ll ever notice. Which is precisely the point. Read more about the science in our Arc4Health section

Microcurrent vs TENS

Microcurrent vs TENS
There is no such thing as Microcurrent versus TENS as they are so different except for the fact that they both use electricity, but then again, so does a toaster. Microcurrent speaks an entirely different language to the body because it uses a current 1,000 times lower, which is why you can’t feel our devices. To classify as a microcurrent, the current must be being measured within the millionths of an amp range. Whilst TENS devices are effective, they produce currents that are considerably stronger, so they can’t do the same things as the body’s own naturally occurring microcurrents.