“How ArcEquine can help Laminitis”

“Although there is no permanent ‘cure’ to laminitis, Microcurrent Therapy has an outstanding track record of reducing inflammation and when used in conjunction with healthy diet and proper hoof maintenance, it can dramatically accelerate healing times.”

“Boost Healing, Manage Pain & Have a Happier Horse with ArcEquine”

“ArcEquine have created the world’s smallest microcurrent therapy device specifically for use with equines, to promote tissue repair and assist with pain management. Microcurrent therapy is a completely non-invasive and drug-free treatment used by leading riders and trainers around the world for the prevention and cure of equine sports injuries.”

“Managing Arthritis”

“In many cases arthritis is caused by inflammation, this inflammation leads to swelling and the associated pain.”

“Can you really get pain under control WITHOUT painkillers? From lavender oil for headaches, to turmeric for back pain, doctor reveals the best natural alternatives to feel better…”

“Painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin have over the years been linked with heart problems, irritation of the stomach, ulcers and heartburn.

Fears are also mounting over paracetamol, which some doctors now advice against long-term use of because of its links to heart, liver and kidney damage.

Many automatically reach for painkillers to banish pain fast, however there are many alternative ways to treat the problem – and even prevent it.

Dr Sarah Brewer, medical director of Healthspan, told MailOnline the best options for treating headaches, joint pain, period pain and back ache. “

“Antiques dealer, 48, who was forced to give up work for 8 YEARS because of her crippling back pain finds a cure – using a device designed for HORSES”

“A mother forced to give up work for eight years because of her crippling back pain has found a bizarre cure – in a device designed for horses.

Victoria Rockliffe, 48, was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in 2010 and again three years later, before medics admitted they didn’t know the cause of her agony.

Doctors gave her codeine, morphine and a spinal procedure – but none worked in combating her daily agony and left her feeling like a ‘zombie’.

In desperation, she resorted to a pioneering device called Arc4Health, which claims to relieve pain by sending electrical signals to the site of injury.”