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The common denominator of Microcurrent therapy is to help the body repair tissue, and in doing so manage pain, which is a by-product of inflammation. Microcurrent devices are not aimed at particular conditions because they have a systemic, whole body effect, and you should be very sceptical if any manufacturer claims otherwise.

Many conditions, unfortunately, can’t be cured so pain management is often the main focus and not a cure. We do, however, list testimonials under different conditions as it helps you navigate to people who are similar to you and lets you know about their own experiences with our devices. We do not sponsor or pay for any testimonials.



I’d been suffering from Bursitis for about 6 weeks, which was very painful. I’d been to my GP, a Physio and an Osteopath, and took various painkillers, but nothing really improved. The pain was still intense. I was introduced to the Arc by Sara Fitzharris. As a yoga teacher, I was keen to get my…