A Small Wonder making a BIG Difference

‘It’s so effective with pain that I sometimes forget to wear it, then after a few days it returns and I think, I need you back.’ – Morag Hutchinson.

The longest hole on the course. A beast of a thing that’s described by the club as ‘the most intimidating on the course.’ This is because, its huge length aside, it also plays up a large rise all the way to the green. Oh, and that’s after playing over a ditch first. And did we mention a pond across the fairway?

When Morag retired, one of her main ambitions was to use her free time to improve her handicap. Unfortunately, the pain in her joints and muscles didn’t agree with those plans. The 17th hole was virtually unplayable with her condition.

Like a lot of people new to microcurrent therapy, she approached it with scepticism. We don’t blame her. For example, you can’t feel the current in our devices (this is actually a very good thing) so how can you tell if it’s working? As Morag says, ‘you can’t feel it, but when you stop using it you soon discover that it’s made a huge difference.’

For me, the 17th hole was virtually unplayable, not anymore.

She added further ‘It’s like a comfort blanket now, and there’s a lot more emphasis being placed on microcurrent recently due to the opioid crisis. I don’t take painkillers anymore.’

The difficult 17th no longer holds any fear for her. So, it’s now just the other 117 hazards on the course that need to be mastered.

#SmallWonder for Morag

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I’d like to say a big thank you for the Arc device. I really do appreciate everything it’s done for me.


I now run for sheer joy. My clients and I say that it’s charging our own batteries.

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