‘I had a client who used it, and I was quite astonished at the progress he made.’ – Dawn Bramwell.

Dawn has never been one to quit. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) at 19 didn’t stop her from becoming a Personal Trainer, or a Sports’ Massage Therapist. A hill runner too? Of course. Never underestimate how far a healthy attitude and an open mind can take you.

It was while working on a client that Dawn first heard about Arc4Health. His mother in law had bought one as she was looking for pain management for her arthritis. He started to use it due to issues with leg muscles and Dawn worked on him throughout his marathon training.

I now run for sheer joy. My clients and I say that it’s charging our own batteries.

As she said ‘I was quite astonished after he started using it, and I remember that the impact on his muscles was so much different, you could feel it.’ She bought one herself as she knew all about ATP within the cells, and the effects it had on the body.

She started to experiment with her device for a variety of joint and energy issues linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and said ‘it gets a big thumbs up from me.’ She soon became a regular user after she noticed it helped her increase her training.

We love stories like Dawn’s. When a positive attitude, hard work and high tech all come together. Then again, it’s doubtful if anything was ever going to stop her.

#SmallWonder for Dawn

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I’d like to say a big thank you for the Arc device. I really do appreciate everything it’s done for me.


For me, the 17th hole was virtually unplayable, not anymore.

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