‘This device, it’s just something else. No painkillers and I’m doing things I haven’t done for 18 months.’ – Alan Jones

Walking your daughter down the aisle should make you feel many things, but severe pain shouldn’t be one of them. For Alan, it was a real race against time to be fit enough to make the most of the big day.

Prior to hip replacement surgery, Alan had been in a lot of pain, and had stopped doing many of the things he loved. Despite the surgery going well, his one wish was to turn what appeared to be a wedding day marathon into a stroll in the park.

Despite being in a lot of pain after the surgery, he wasn’t a huge fan of taking a lot of painkillers, so with a little scepticism he tried the Arc4Health his daughter had surprised him with. As Alan said, ‘this device is something else, I really turned the corner.’

I’d like to say a big thank you for the Arc device. I really do appreciate everything it’s done for me.

Not only was he soon entirely pain free, but he also managed to hit the dance floor on the night and sent a picture of himself walking his daughter down to the aisle to his surgeon.

He’s now back to doing all the things he gave up on 18 months ago. Like gardening and returning to work at his local football club. He added ‘someone jokingly asked recently when I was doing the London Marathon, because I’d been really struggling before and always looked very much in pain. This has been brilliant for me.’

#SmallWonder for Alan

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I now run for sheer joy. My clients and I say that it’s charging our own batteries.


For me, the 17th hole was virtually unplayable, not anymore.

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