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My job was Yard owner/worker which entailed all the riding , yard duties. I am 58 and had a lot of injuries/accidents along the way inc breaks, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries and a lot of wear and tear.

Benefits I felt are from using the Arc4Health are:

  • Energy level increase
  • Stamina increase,
  • Improved lung function
  • Improved suppleness and flexibility
  • Improved alertness
  • More positive

My story is boring I’m sorry to say, I had no diagnosis or scans, I ‘don’t do’ Doctors or medication unless it’s broken bones.

This was just a common injury which was very difficult to heal whilst going on with an exercise programme and everyday life, it wasn’t debilitating, just had 10 days no exercise on it until the worst of the pain went away and then continued on it, putting up with the pain but slowing me down in the process. That’s when I met up with the Arc4Health.

I had painful gluteal strain due to hill running/walking and didn’t want to stop so I bought the Arc Health in the hope that it would heal the injury.

I started using the Arc4Health on the 28th August 2017 and by day 3 the pain had started to decrease and this continued as I went through the instructed programme.

By the end of week 8 I could just about feel a slight niggle so I continued to use it for another 2 weeks until the pain had cleared.

In this time I had pushed myself really hard up the steep hills and the muscles still healed.

I would happily recommend the Arc4health to anyone for a number of problems or issues.