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Ruptured Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)


A complete rupture of the PCL of her knee after falling whilst jumping.

8 weeks post-surgery

All’s going well, I’m cycling (static bike) for about 40 mins per day and up to walking about 3-4 miles per day now as well as starting some gentle squats etc. My knee is feeling quite strong and the physio and surgeon are really pleased with progress; I have almost a full bend back now 🙂 but I am suffering a lot with a very inflamed peritoneal nerve which I’m having released by the physio twice a week and a lot of sports tape to offload the tissues off the nerve. Everything’s settled at the moment and I actually had a sit and a walk on my friend’s horse this week!!! I’m a way off riding properly but psychologically it was a great boost to be back on board.

Now for the bad news… I’m going back in in 3 weeks for more surgery 🙁 One of the bone screws has started to push out, its come out by around 1/3 and is one of the main ones anchoring my PCL replacement so I have to have it replaced. Hopefully they’ll just be able to put a new one with a plate across to stop it happening again but worse case I’ll need a new bone tunnel. I guess these things happen!

2 weeks post-2nd surgery: I had the second op 2 weeks ago to replace the loose screw and all went well. So well in fact both the physiotherapist and consultant couldn’t actually believe that other than the stitches I was totally fine, almost no pain and out on a 3 mile walk 48 hrs post op! Had the stitches out and the consultant said my god you heal well! I’m just over three months since the initial surgery, no longer have to wear the brace unless I’m doing sport, and am back riding (and jumping a little bit but don’t tell anyone 😉 and even took the horse to the gallops this week! So all in all I think the arc unit has definitely helped. Another 3 weeks and I can have a kinesis test to see how strong everything is and hopefully start running. I’m a good 6-8 weeks ahead of schedule and feeling great, very little pain, just some tightness and a bit of an ache when I’ve been on my feet all day. And zero swelling 🙂