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Hand Bitten by Dog

I was bitten through my right hand by a Mastiff, which attacked my Border Terrier – luckily he fought back! and despite being injured, survived! My injury was initially sutured in A&E but it became obvious after a week or so that I was loosing the feeling in my fingers and so was referred to a specialist who performed an exploratory operation. It was found that the ulnar nerve was almost completely severed and the remainder crushed and had formed adhesions onto the back of the scar tissue.

The nerve had an end-to-end repair and the scar tissue was partly excised. Despite this I was left with a very prominent scar, like a tight cord and very reduced feeling in two fingers. After almost 9 months I was allowed to ride again as it was felt that the healing was as good as it was going to get, but the area of the injury made riding difficult and often painful.

This year a friend suggested I contact Ian Thirkell, and the results have been amazing. After about three weeks I could feel a difference in the tightness of the scar and by the end of May the scar tissue is reduced to being almost invisible. There is also a marked improvement in the feeling and a great reduction in the pain in my hand. There is no doubt in my mind that this is solely due to the Arc.