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ACL/MCL Injury & Tendinitis

I’ve had ACL/MCL issues due to injury, also suffered with tendinitis. My friend uses his Arc on his horses and I was going to buy my horse one .. treated both of us. Well I would have been sceptical if I hadn’t got one as well. Horses can’t talk and I got his for maintenance purposes as we event at BE100 and I want him to be happy and healthy. Although I know they are great for injury I hope not to use if for that so maintenance it is.

As for me, my soft tissue injuries seem a thing of the past and within weeks I was feeling the benefit so my scepticism has been turned around and I highly recommend Arc products be it Equine or Human highly. To my farrier and my horses osteopath.

My friends and I all have one and we even go running 5/10k, something I didn’t think I would do again.

Thank you