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3rd Degree Burns

Job occupation

Operations Director of a software company. Qualified lawyer. Horse rider.

Details of injury sustained and date

25th February 2017: I suffered 33% 2nd and 3rd degree burns from boiling water. I was at an oyster festival and I tripped over some cabling – (long story short) I fell through a false wall and a vat of boiling water fell on me. It burnt my whole left side; arm, chest, stomach and leg.

Medical diagnosis

I was in hospital for a month – moving back and forth between the Intensive Care Unit and the Burns Unit. I was then cared for 24/7 at home for one month, with visits to the hospital 2-4 times per week for two months. I will remain a patient for at least a year.

I received multiple, extensive skin graft operations – skin was taken from my right side to save my left side. I had over 800 staples in my body. I had reconstruction surgery on my left breast.

Treatment Protocol recommended

Daily washing and extensive bandage changes. Once all open areas had closed up, I was fitted for compression garments. I will wear these for 1-2 years.

Over $300k in Occupational therapy and Physio therapy in order to be able to walk again and use my hands and left arm after grafting.

Date of first use of the Arc

Early April 2017

Details of improvements made whilst using the Arc

I followed Ian’s instructions to the letter. Initially I wore my Arc all day every day. The first time I put it on, I was suffering from serious anxiety. I am not typically an anxious person, but the process of bandage changing when coming out of hospital is very painful and stressful indeed. It took two people to shower me and over an hour to bandage me back up again. I was given lorazepam to cope with this, but it was still traumatic to say the least. I had been up all night in pain, crying and worrying about my next bandage change. I put the Arc on, and fell asleep within 20 minutes! In the first week or so, I found it difficult to stay awake when I had the Arc on- but I needed the sleep in order to heal so it was great!

Any comments/observations from medical personnel, regarding improvement

I took the Arc to my surgeons before I started using it as I wanted them to be on side. At this point my wounds were still open and very sore. I could barely stand. I still wore a brace on my left arm and I was attending therapy twice a week and the burns clinic once or twice a week. I recited the information Ian had given me about how Arc worked and one of my surgeons said she had been doing some research on this type of therapy and she thought it might help my open areas to close up. She was certain it wouldn’t cause me any harm.

After using the Arc for a couple of weeks, my open areas started to close up. The team at the hospital were really pleased and pretty surprised!

Any additional beneficial side effects (better quality of sleep, more energy, etc.)

I struggled with sleep a lot- especially when weaning off morphine based drugs and lorazepam. The Arc enabled me to relax. As I said before, it practically knocked me out at first! It definitely helped with pain. If I had to go to the hospital for the day and take off the Arc, I would be in agony when I got home. Within 20 minutes, I was able to feel comfortable again.

General thoughts about the Arc

For me, the Arc was exactly what I needed at the time. I believe wholeheartedly in its impact on my recovery. The guidance and support I received from Ian was invaluable to me, I cannot thank him enough.