Recruitment Policy


This policy is to ensure that the individuals responsible for recruitment and selection always hire and promote the most appropriate applicant, in a fair and consistent manner free from discrimination.

It is our company policy to look to fill any open position by internal promotion or transfer wherever possible. All applicants will be assessed objectively on their merits in accordance with our equal opportunities policy. Any person involved in the selection and interview process with a conflict of interest should declare it immediately to their manager/supervisor.


The individual(s) placing the advertisement(s) must ensure that they use a variety of media to reach a broad cross-section of potential applicants and must include the following points:

  • the job title;
  • the salary or pay scale;
  • any significant benefits applicable to the position;
  • any minimum qualifications for the position;
  • any particular skills and/or experience required for the position;
  • any typical features of the position (e.g. part-time, fixed-term, outside UK etc.);
  • the closing date for applications.

Care will be taken to avoid specifying requirements for the position which are potentially discriminatory either directly or indirectly.

Job Description

Where we use job descriptions to assist in the drafting of a job advert we will ensure the details incorporated are concise and relevant to the job role being advertised.

Where personnel specifications are used along with the job advert, only those details which are relevant such as essential or desirable knowledge, skills and experience will be included.


Application forms will seek only information which is necessary for the selection process. At each stage of the process, applicants will be kept informed and should expect to be told the following:

  • When they can expect to hear whether or not their application is to be progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process
  • What the next stage will involve.

Candidates may be asked to come to the practice for a short trial period (paid) of up to a week before the company makes an offer.

Decisions taken to either reject or accept an application will be checked and approved by the Manager before they are communicated to the applicant.

Written offers of employment/engagement will be made subject to two satisfactory references.

Selection Tests

Where tests are used in the recruitment process, they will be checked by the Manager to ensure:

  • They are free from any discriminatory element
  • The test is directly relevant to the position being interviewed for.

Prior to the Interview

  • Prior to the interview, the criteria for the position should be identified
  • Criteria that isn’t relevant should be avoided


  • The interview will be conducted by two members of staff and thorough notes taken.
  • All questions asked will be directly relevant to one or more of the selection criteria that have been identified for the position.
  • No assumptions will be made nor will questions about the applicant’s personal circumstances be made.

Once the interview has taken place and the decision has been made, we will contact the successful individual and arrange the start date for the position.

If at any point during the recruitment process, any issues arise, then you should report your concerns to the Manager who will then review your concerns.

Internal Recruitment

It is important that we recruit well experienced people that will deliver a high standard of service to our clients. We take the recruitment, development and promotion of our staff seriously and we do this by following a fair and non-discriminatory process.

Any opportunities for promotion will be advised and open to all members of staff and if you feel you have the skills and experience to bring to the role then we welcome your application and any questions that you may have.