Consumables Bundle 2


Consumables Bundle 2

The Consumables Bundle 2 consists of: 1 x Arm Strap and 3 x packs of Conductive Pads (1 pair per pack)

Normally £40.50, get yours today and save £5.50!

Arm Strap
This Arm Strap is specifically designed to hold an Arc4Health device and work in conjunction with our Conductive Pads or Carbon Rubber Pads & Conductive Gel. With proper care and moderate use it can last for up to 4 months.
The strap can also be used on your lower leg, which may be more comfortable or easier for you.
Never machine wash the arm strap as it contains electronics.

Conductive Pads
These self adhesive Conductive Pads provide a cost-effective alternative to our longer lasting Carbon Rubber Pads and are used in conjunction with the Arm Straps. They contain no latex, so are particularly useful if you have an allergy.

The conductive material used on the pads distributes the current uniformly over the treatment area, eliminating the possibility of hot spots.

  • Non-allergenic, i.e. no latex
  • Fully biocompatible using a biocompatible hydrogel, with full traceability
  • Fully compliant to the latest standards:
  • ISO 13485 Quality Assurance
  • Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, amended by 2007/47/EC
  • European Union RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

With proper care and moderate use, each pair is expected to last for up to 4 weeks.

Each packet contains 1 pair.

Did you know?
The conductive pads are also available in bundles of 4 pairs, 6 pairs and 12 pairs

Was £40.50, now £35

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What's Included in the Bundle?

The Consumables Bundle 2 consists of:

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