Our Ethics

“Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living and truth loving” – James E. Faust

The way we interpret that sentiment is very simple. It is not enough to be honest about the things that we say and do, it is also necessary to be outspoken about false statements or claims made by anyone we know to be wrong.

Although microcurrent has been used for many decades, scientifically speaking, a clearer understanding of precisely how it works and what exact effect it has within the body is relatively new. Even now, despite some very exciting and highly promising breakthroughs in new areas microcurrent therapy can help with, there are still some gaps in the understanding of precisely ‘how’ it achieves those results.

Our advice? Be very careful what you buy. If you’re looking at a microcurrent device, the chances are you already have some form of injury. The last thing you need is the additional pain of being taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, these gaps have in the past resulted in some manufacturers filling in the blanks with their own claims which, quite frankly, we just don’t understand from a scientific point of view. Not only can they be untrue, it confuses the consumer and makes it far harder for reputable companies.

For example, we know that microcurrent has a systemic effect throughout the body, so it isn’t localised to just one area or a single condition. So how can some manufacturers suggest their devices are aimed at one focussed area? Equally, disposable devices that can’t be charged may very well be cheaper, but the landfill sites they inevitably end up in cost us all dearly.

Others have claimed to help with specific conditions, Arthritis being a popular one. As the medical profession well knows, there is no known cure for Arthritis. Managing the pain caused by inflammation within Arthritis is a very different matter. Points like this may seem small, but we believe they’re important.

As a tech company we don’t pretend to know it all. Which is why we work with world class experts in the microcurrent field, commission our own clinical research, peer review published papers and go through the rigours of gaining regulatory approval of our product as a Class lla medical device. The ARC device is not a gimmick.

We will continue to advance the understanding of microcurrent, fight for stricter regulations in our industry and bring you any new developments as they happen. Until then, we’ll concentrate on what we know. And that is how an Arc4Health device can help the body kick start the vital repair process earlier. As tissue is repaired, inflammation is reduced, and if inflammation is reduced, the pain subsides.