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Muscle Atrophy

My horse was involved in a terrible road traffic accident which resulted in severe muscle atrophy in the shoulder/chest area, a severed bicipital tendon and a fractured sternum. Silidan has made a great recovery over the 3 year period but I wanted to see if there was more that could be done particularly for the scar tissue and general muscle in the affected area.

I spoke with an ArcEquine rep in depth at their stand at Burleigh Horse Trials. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge which was explained to me in a language which I understood.  Since using the ArcEquine unit the scarring in the chest area has diminished dramatically, the skin tone has changed coloured from bright pink to more of a skin tone to match the rest of the area. His coat is also now growing over the scarred area which I can only attribute as a direct result of using the unit. His muscle tone has also increased too.

The unit is small and easy to use and does not cause Silidan any distress whatsoever when in use. The different settings are great allowing you to alter the ratio of repair to pain setting. This unit is having a positive effect on Silidan. I wish I had known about the unit earlier in Silidan’s recovery process, however, I will continue to use the unit to promote tissue repair, pain management and general well-being.

The fact that it is a drug free and non-invasive system was a major factor in deciding on the unit.

I would highly recommend the ArcEquine unit!