Leg Strap

Leg Strap


Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus, our latest shipment of leg straps from our supplier has been delayed. To ensure we are still able to fulfil your orders, we will supply an alternative strap which works in exactly the same way but without the use of a liner, allowing you to be able to get up and running with your device without delay.
Any orders containing an alternative strap will be recorded and we shall send out a brand new leg strap as soon as we have them back in stock. We do not expect you to return the alternative strap once you have received your leg strap.
How to apply the alternative strap(video)

This Leg Strap is specifically designed to hold an ArcEquine device and work in conjunction with our Carbon Rubber Pads and Conductive Gel. With proper care and moderate use they can last for up to 4 months.

Never machine wash the leg strap as it contains electronics.


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What's Included?

1 x ArcEquine Leg Strap for use with the ArcEquine(AE2) Delivery Unit

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