In a Nutshell

It’s been quite a ride.

Although now located only 3 miles from where we started out, the journey from kitchen table to international company has been considerably longer.

ARC Microtech was formed in 2010 with little more than an idea, a young company’s confident attitude that seems to reduce huge risk, a love of research and a great desire to make cutting edge healthcare wearable. We didn’t invent Microcurrent, or what it can help the body do, but we did micro size and automate it into the most consumer friendly, drug free and non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system available today.

Why? Well, it seemed to us that the choice available for the consumer wasn’t a great one. On one hand you had the large, cumbersome machines, that filled a tabletop and required weeks of specialist training to operate. Great for bandwidth and tuneable features, but these machines could hardly be carried unless you were a Sherpa. It also meant treatment was by appointment, at the hands of a specialist, yet stopped the minute you left a clinic.

On the other hand, you had the smaller devices that lacked features, the bandwidth of the larger machines and had to be disposed of once used for a relatively short period of time. There was a reason you would throw them away.

We wanted the best of both and the worst of neither. And that’s precisely what we achieved and why we’re justifiably proud of that achievement. Arc devices offer a huge bandwidth of frequencies that require no tuning thanks to automated programming that can be activated using one finger. They can be recharged, worn easily, and they work when you want them to work, not when you can schedule an appointment

#SmallWonder we now sell in 14 countries and are the number 1 globally in some markets, have world class athletes using our products, including over 70 Olympians, and we’re now the go to brand for wearable Microcurrent devices.