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Andrew Hoy - Olympic Medal Winner

Andrew Hoy

“I have been working with the ArcEquine Team for over one year now and the Arc device has become an essential part of our daily routine – for the horses as well as myself. All my horses are top athletes and the Arc technology helps them to recover quicker from competition runs, training sessions, long distance travel as well as improves their overall wellbeing. My team and I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

The heat of competition is where the best products are forged.

This is where extraordinary effort goes into the smallest fractions of improvement. That desire to reach the absolute peak of any sport should be applauded. All the trophies and medals, while nice, will never beat knowing that you have become the very best at what you do.

We love the spirit of competition. We admire this relentless drive with a degree of awe, that total commitment.

It’s why we get great satisfaction at seeing an ArcEquine on a horse coming out of a box at a 4-star event, or when a groom rushes to place an Arcequine on a leg in the winner’s circle.

We don’t pay a single athlete to use our products, they do so through choice.

Over 70 Olympians now use our products across a whole range of sports. Medal winners, world champions, and National teams. The list also includes some of the best trainers and coaches in the world, the most decorated riders and renowned healthcare specialists.

These are people who continually seek out the very latest equipment, have the most specialised expertise and the resources to discover what makes a real difference. They know what works. They know what doesn’t.

We don’t pay a single athlete to use our products, they do so through choice.

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