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Why you should stock or rent ArcEquine


For Veterinarians, Farriers and Equine Therapists

We know that high quality treatment is the most important thing for Equine Professionals. We also know that you want the very latest, cutting edge equipment, but that’s a significant cost to your business. Our Business Service Division was formed not only to help you offer our award-winning technology, but to pay for it quickly too.

Continue reading below to see how rental works, or speak to a member of our Business Services team at sales@arcmicrotech.com or on +44 (0)1580 755504.

Unique discounts just for your clients

When you become an ArcEquine Ambassador, we give you a special code that’s unique for your business. If any client wants to buy after they try, they simply go online and order an ArcEquine, put the code into the promotional box at check out and then automatically receive a discount they’ll thank you for. We also reward you at this point too and issue payments once a month. You don’t need to do anything.

No need to buy stock, no admin & no worries

We take care of everything for you. You do not need to buy stock for your clients, invoice them or have to sort out any issues. If one of your clients wants to buy, they simply do so online. We then dispatch directly to them, take care of the warranty procedure, give them a unique discount using your code and offer any technical support required.

Cash flow friendly invoicing

It actually costs your business more not to be an ArcEquine Ambassador than to be one. We split your Business Service invoices into 3 equal monthly payments for better cash flow and, if you are renting out our units properly, the revenue coming in exceeds the monthly invoice total we ask from you.

Great Staff Training

ArcEquine is very simple to use. 1 finger, 2 buttons, 4 programmes and a lot of very happy clients. We’ll train your staff effectively and efficiently and supply them with everything they need, including rental sheets so you can keep track of where devices are and when they need to come back. We’ll also include your business on our website, so clients know who you are, where you are and how to get in touch with you. As well as this, we’ll promote your business through our social media channels.

Bespoke Yard Packs

We know that trainers and rehabilitation centres love ArcEquine. We also know that a single unit just isn’t enough to go around. This is why we offer Yard Packs at special trade prices, so that as many horses as possible can be treated. Yard Packs come not only in sets of 3 and 5, but they also come with a whole range of free consumables which mean you can use one device on a number of different horses. This includes additional leg straps, protective leg liners, carbon rubber conductive pads and specially formulated ArcEquine conductive gel.

For more information on Yard Packs, please speak to a member of our Business Services team at sales@arcmicrotech.com or on +44 (0)1580 755504.

Retail Therapy

Online will never take the place of a good retailer. You will always know your customer better than we will, which is why so many people call us to find out where their nearest retail stockist is. We will happily train your staff, answer any technical queries, support your business on our website and through our social channels and send customers your way when we get asked.

For more information on becoming an ArcEquine retailer, please speak to a member of our Business Services team at sales@arcmicrotech.com or on +44 (0)1580 755504.

ARC Microtech Ltd

Founded on family values

We appreciate every customer and every one of our trade partners. We believe in treating people fairly and with integrity and will do everything we can to help those we work with. Even though we now export to many countries and have grown considerably, we will never forget where we came from, those who have helped us along the way and how important it is to retain the values we had on day one. If ever we forget, please feel free to remind us.