Wear and Tear

Aches, pains, pulls, sprains, swelling, irritation, stresses, inflammation.

It never seems to stop. Perhaps the question we should really be asking is ‘what can we stop from starting?’ People tend to buy an Arc4Health for a particular, obvious injury, and while we do appreciate this, it slightly misses both the point of Microcurrent therapy and where the real power of our devices lies. Which is everywhere.

Microcurrent has a systemic effect, which means the effect is felt throughout the entire body, and not just a specific part of it. Wherever there is a deficit of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) there is, by definition, some form of injury present. ATP is the energy providing molecule required for all metabolic cellular processes – and is essential for pain management and tissue repair. When tissue is repaired, inflammation is reduced. And inflammation is how the body perceives pain.

You may be using Arc4Health for a particular reason, but at the same time, it could be helping your body treat a micro tear you’re unaware of yet.

Arc4Health produces over 4.2 million pulses of microcurrent per treatment, at a similar power to your body’s bio-currents. The treatment aims to support the body’s natural repair process and to help it trigger the production of ATP. Simply put, the sooner the body can start a repair, the sooner it can finish. When an injury is repaired faster, there is less chance of recurrence as, due to working with softer tissue, the repair can be stronger.

Simply put, you may be using an Arc4Health for a particular reason, but at the same time, it could be treating a minor tear that you are entirely unaware of elsewhere in the body. Our devices do not selectively diagnose, they simply help the body kick start the repair process in the areas where it knows it is needed, where the deficit lies. The body really does know best.

It’s also why our customers know exactly why they buy an Arc4Health, and quickly learn why they continue to use it use it so frequently once they’ve seen what else it can do. Wear, tear, repair.