User Guide

What is the Arc4Health Device?

Arc4Health is a remarkably small Device that is wearable, drug free and non-invasive. It works by automatically generating a complex series of microcurrents with a simple, one-finger operation. In fact, it delivers over 4.6 million permutations within a single programme to support the body’s own natural repair process. And just like naturally occurring microcurrents, they can’t be felt, so cause no discomfort to you. Arc4Health has regulatory approval as a Class IIa Medical Device, meaning it is safe to use on humans. It is supplied subject to our terms and conditions of purchase available on our website. Please ensure that you read these prior to using the Device.

What’s in the box?

  • The Device
  • Arm Strap
  • Conductive Pads (x4)
  • Carbon Rubber Pads (x2)
  • Conductive Gel (1 x 250ml bottle)
  • Charger
  • User Manual


Attaching the Unit

Please inspect the Device before use and do not use if the case is damaged or cracked. Only apply the Device to unbroken, clean, healthy skin.

Conductive Pads

Fix to the arm strap using the press studs. Please ensure that the conductive pads are placed back onto the Perspex film after use to help prolong their adhesiveness.

Carbon Rubber Pads

Fix to the arm strap using the press studs. Carbon rubber pads should be wiped clean with warm water after each use.

Please note: the conductive pads and carbon rubber pads work in the same way, fitting onto the arm strap using the press studs. The conductive pads have a sticky conductive surface, whereas the carbon rubber pads will need to be used with the conductive gel. You decide which pads you prefer to use.

Conductive Gel

Apply a small amount to the carbon rubber pads. The gel ensures a good electrical connection with the skin and is Propylene Glycol free. The Conductive Gel only needs to be used with the Carbon Rubber Pads.

Please note: Do not use any other gel in conjunction with the Arc4Health. Even some perceived to be safe, medical-grade conductive gels can contain propylene glycol, which is a component ingredient of anti-freeze and may react with the skin.

Arm Strap

Attach the arm strap with the Device to anywhere comfortable on the arm or leg. Rotate the strap between a different arm or leg after each 3-hour treatment. Please do not over tighten – the carbon/conductive pads are very sensitive and only light pressure is required to maintain connectivity. After putting the Device into the arm strap’s pouch, please ensure that the electrical lead in the arm strap is inserted fully into the bottom of the Device.

  • Never strap the Device over an open wound or skin irritation.
  • The Arc4Health is safe to use on injuries that have not broken the skin, providing you feel comfortable with this.
  • Always rotate the Device between different arms or legs for each 3-hour treatment.


The Programmes

We always recommend you run through the following 6-week treatment protocol first in order to maximise results. Once the initial 6-week protocol finishes you can select the individual programme that best suits your condition (please see below for a description of each programme).

Every few months, we recommend running through the 6-week protocol again in order to maintain optimum results (please note that this is a manufacturers guidance and not a clinical recommendation).

As a general rule1: (i) acute phases of pain and tissue repair are defined as lasting less than 12 weeks; and (ii) chronic phases of pain and tissue repair are defined as lasting more than 12 weeks.


Each programme lasts for 3 hours. You cannot overuse or misuse Arc4Health, but we would suggest not always attaching to the same place.


Selecting a Programme

  1. On/Off left button – Press and hold for 3 seconds when turning on or off.
  2. All four indicator lights will very quickly show green, then yellow to indicate that your Device is functioning correctly.
  3. After this, lights will flash green corresponding with the battery charge available: 1 light = 25%, 2 = 50%, 3 = 75%, 4 = 100%.
  4. After 3 seconds all lights will go out. Immediately after this, a yellow light will indicate which programme was last used. 1st light = P1, 2nd = P2, 3rd = P3, 4th = P4.
  5. Press the left (On/Off) button quickly to skip through and select the desired programme from P1 to P4.
  6. Press and release the right play button quickly to activate the selected programme. The unit will beep on the activation of the selected programme.
  7. Once activated, the right play button will turn either green (connected) or yellow (not connected).
  8. After 30 seconds the light will go out to conserve battery, but the programme indicator will continue to flash throughout the delivery cycle.
  9. The delivery unit will beep again after 3 hours to indicate that the selected programme has finished.

If not connected, ensure you have used sufficient conductive gel on the carbon rubber pads and the electrical lead from the arm strap is still attached to the bottom of the Device.



Please inspect the state of the plug charger (DC PSU) before use.
Device must be connected directly to mains power (230v, 50Hz) using the plug charger provided for charging to take place.

On receiving the Device, please charge fully before initial use. One 4 – 5 hour charge can give up to 30 hours of use, enough for 10 delivery cycles.

Insert the charger lead into the base of the Device. Plug into a power socket. Two beeps indicate charging.

Battery charge is indicated by the corresponding number of flashing green and yellow ‘indicator lights’:

  • 1 yellow light = charging 0-25%,
  • 1 green + 1 yellow = charging 25-50%,
  • 2 green + 1 yellow = charging 50-75%,
  • 3 green + 1 yellow = charging 75-100%,
  • 4 green = fully charged.

Once all of the lights have gone out, the delivery unit is fully charged.

Please ensure that you only use the charger supplied, or an original replacement charger ordered directly from the Device Manufacturer. Using other unapproved chargers may damage your delivery unit and will invalidate the limited warranty. Replacement chargers are available to purchase from the online shop should you misplace or damage the original.

Please do not charge after each use as this can shorten battery life, instead run down the battery between charges.

Turning the audible beep on and off

Press and hold both buttons on the front of the Device at the same time until you hear three short beeps (approx. 3-5 seconds):

High pitch – High pitch – High pitch = audible beep ON.

High pitch – High pitch – Low pitch = audible beep OFF.

The Arc4Health delivery unit uses a lithium-ion battery. It needs to be charged on a reasonably regular basis in order to maintain optimal battery life and condition. Avoid long periods without using or recharging the device.


Cleaning your Device

If you intend to share your device with another, please ensure this is only after appropriate inspection and thorough cleaning with disinfectant wipes. Ensure they read the User Manual prior to use and use the Device only as directed.

Please also clean the Device as detailed above between uses. The following accessories should not be shared, with each individual using or purchasing their own: Carbon Rubber Pads, Conductive Pads and Arm Straps.

These should not be shared in order to prevent cross-infection, as they are skin-contacting accessories.



Right activation button showing yellow

This indicates a loss of connectivity.

Please check that:

  • The electrical lead from the arm strap is still attached to the bottom of the delivery unit.
  • The conductive pads have not come loose or fallen off.
  • The conductive pads have sufficient adhesiveness and have not dried out.
  • If using Carbon Rubber pads, sufficient conductive gel has been applied.

Left On/Off button showing yellow

Lack of charge.

The Delivery Unit needs charging. Please refer to the charging section above if you are unsure.

Arc4Health keeps switching off

The right activation button was not pressed once a programme was selected. In the unlikely event that the device switches off during use please ensure it is fully charged. If the problem persists then please get in touch.

Audible beep has gone

Arc4Health’s default setting is to have audible sounds. Please refer to your User Manual for information for turning the audible beep on and off.

If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service team who will be more than happy to advise.


Good/bad connectivity

If the right play button turns green, the programme has started and you have good connectivity.

If the right activation button turns yellow, the programme has started but you DO NOT have connectivity.

If YELLOW, please check that:

  • the electrical lead from the arm strap is still attached to the bottom of the Device;
  • the carbon/conductive pads have not come loose or fallen off;
  • the conductive pads have sufficient adhesiveness and have not dried out;
  • the carbon rubber pads have sufficient gel applied.


Important Information


  • Do not use the Device if you have a latex or rubber allergy as some of the component parts and consumables may contain latex or rubber.
  • Do not use the Device on babies, infants or children.
  • The safety of Microcurrent Therapy during pregnancy has not been established, therefore pregnant users shall follow precautions recommended by their physicians.
  • The safety of Microcurrent Therapy with cancer has not been established. Users with suspected or diagnosed cancer of any type shall follow precautions recommended by their physicians.
  • Users with suspected or diagnosed epilepsy, or heart rhythm disorder, shall follow precautions recommended by physicians.
  • Users with suspected or diagnosed heart disease and heart conditions of any type shall follow precautions recommended by their physicians.
  • Do not use the Device at the same time as a TENS machine.


  • Please do not operate or allow anyone else to operate the Device without reading the User Manual. Please use the Device only as directed.
  • Do not place or strap the Device over an open wound or skin irritation.
  • Do not apply any other creams or gels to the carbon rubber pads other than ARC approved conductive gel.
  • Do not apply therapy while driving, operating machinery, or during any activity in which electrical stimulation can put the user at risk of injury.
  • The Device is in addition to and in no way a substitute for, your existing medical treatment or any medical advice you have received from your healthcare professional.
  • Always consult a medical expert/healthcare professional on any health conditions and on using the Device prior to use.
  • Like any electrical device, do not use your Arc4Health in wet or damp conditions.
  • Some people, after prolonged use, may develop a sensitivity condition. This can manifest in a ‘rub’ type condition. We recommend that the arm or leg being used is alternated after every 3-hour cycle.
  • Some people are or can become, sensitised to conductive pads. In order to minimise the likelihood of any sensitisation, we recommend that the arm/leg being used is alternated daily.
  • Users should stop using the device and should contact the Arc4Health office if they experience any adverse reactions from the device.
  • Please use Arc4Health only as directed.


  • Users with suspected or diagnosed heart disease should follow the precautions recommended by their physicians.
  • Apply therapy only to normal, intact, clean, healthy skin.
  • Use caution if Microcurrent Therapy is applied over areas of skin with hypersensitivity.
  • Keep device out of reach of children


General Warnings

  • Use this Device only with the leads, electrodes and accessories recommended by the manufacturer, and do not interconnect with any other equipment. Use of other parts or materials not supplied by the manufacturer may prove hazardous and will invalidate the warranty. For example, using an unapproved charger may produce an electrical fault and over-heating of the Device.
  • Use of the Device is in addition to and in no way a substitute for your normal, existing practice of seeking help, guidance and support from your GP, or other Clinical Practitioner.
  • The use of Microcurrent Devices may cause some dehydration. Please ensure you drink a sufficient amount of water and stay hydrated when using the Device.
  • Do not immerse any part of the unit in water.
  • Do not use the Device on people with cardiac pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, or any other implanted active electronic devices, as these may cause electrical interference. Likewise, the Arc4Health Device may cause interference with implanted electrical devices. Please do not use these in conjunction in order to minimise interference.
  • There is the potential for electromagnetic interference or other interference (e.g. magnets and radio frequency), between the Device and other devices in the home environment. This includes mobile phones, Wi-Fi device, electromagnets and Bluetooth devices. To minimise interference between devices, please keep the Device away (e.g. 1m) from other electrical devices/appliances.
  • Keep the Device at least 3 feet / 1 meter away from excess heat (e.g. fireplaces or radiant heaters) and excess moisture (e.g. nebulisers and steam kettles), as these may damage the internal electronics and interfere with the electrical output.
  • Keep the Device away from sources of radiation, such as microwaves and mobile phones, as this may interfere with the electrical output. Operation in close proximity (e.g. 1m) to a shortwave or microwave therapy device may produce instability in the Arc4Health output.
  • Please do not use it simultaneously with high-frequency surgical equipment.
  • Application of electrodes near the thorax may increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation.
  • Microcurrents should not be applied across or through the head, directly on the eyes, covering the mouth, on the front of the neck, (especially the carotid sinus), or from electrodes placed on the chest and the upper back or crossing over the heart.
  • In between uses, please store the Device and its accessories in the box to prevent a build-up of lint and dust which may damage the Device. This will also keep it out of direct sunlight, which may cause the Device to overheat.
  • Keep the Device out of reach of children, pests and pets to prevent damage being caused e.g. from chewing/biting.


The charging cable may be a strangulation hazard for small children which could result in injury or death. Keep the charging cable out of the reach of small children (more than 3 feet / 1 meter away) and do not allow them to play with it.