Train Harder, For Longer, Recover Faster

Our devices are used by over 70 Olympians, Premier Division Football Clubs, National Sports Teams and many elite athletes around the world.

These are the kind of people who have cutting edge healthcare facilities and unlimited resources at their disposal, who continually seek out the very latest equipment and have the most specialised expertise to test and measure performance with. In short, they know what works and they know what doesn’t.

Recent independent clinical studies with our devices on DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) showed remarkable results when measured over an 8-week period. After performing an exercise-induced muscle soreness protocol (heavy intense workout), Microcurrent significantly reduced DOMS by up to 83.3% after 48 hours, the only device in the trial to do so.

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The faster an injury heals, the stronger that repair can be as it’s working with softer tissue. Faster recovery means you can train harder and for longer.

When there is an injury to tissue or trauma present within the body, its own bio-currents can be disturbed, and the rate of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production reduced within the compromised or affected cells. ATP is vital for all metabolic cellular processes and is essential for tissue repair and also pain management.

Arc4Health works by introducing over 4.2 million permutations of microcurrent into the body. This can help kick start the body’s own natural repair process by encouraging the regeneration of ATP. The sooner a repair can start, the sooner it can finish.

And the faster you recover, the quicker you can train hard again, and for longer periods.